algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I have problems to generate this kind of serface in GH:

I started to create a single column of the surface, but I couldn´t find a way how to make a continous surface out of it. Has anybody a suggestion how to achieve this surface?


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Hi Jerrimo,

were you trying to make these surfaces adjacent, or tangency/curvature continuous? From the picture, I was thinking the previous, but I'd rather be sure as the answer probably changes depending on this.

- Giulio
McNeel Europe, Barcelona
hi Giulio, I want to create a continous surface that is not constituted of separate entities but rather one surface. Furthermore, this continuous surface is supposed to be a timber structure. Here some further information in the image:

Hi again Jerrimo

I cannot see the attached file. However, the first step might be to constuct the surface in Rhino. Here some possible approaches:

  • construct a single NURBS surface from grid of control points, and specify some of the control points of the grid at a different height. Then, cut the unwanted part at the bottom. You can use F10 to manipulate control points in Rhino. It could be that this method is too coarse at the level of possibilities, and does not gives you the sort of shapes you seek. You can automate "Surface from points" in Grasshopper, though.
  • use many single NURBS patches. They need to be constructed continuous at the fist step, because Grasshopper does not have the MergeSurface functionality. This will prove to be difficult, but maybe Sweep1 and Sweep2 in Grasshopper 0.6.59 will help.
  • see if T-splines might help. It might allow you to add different patches and "glue" them together with continuous curvature. I know that the programmers at T-splines were experimenting with a new plug-in for Grasshopper, it might be worth it to investigate. That plug-in was using meshes and smoothen them into organic (poly)surfaces.

I hope this might be of some help,

- Giulio
McNeel Europe, Barcelona
Hey Giulio,
Thank you so much for your detailed answer. I will play around with your suggestion.
In my last replay there went something wrong with the image. Here is it again.
Thank you!!!!
check this thread, looks similar:
fillet merge (??) poles to freeform surface

or since you say you want a timber structure eventually possibly also:
one more push before the thesis ! (i'm a shigheru ban wannabe)
Thank you Trevor, these were nice discussions.

- Giulio
McNeel Europe, Barcelona
Trevor and Giulio thank you so much for your help. It doesn´t seem to be a simple issue. But i will study it now.

thank you guys

Just looking at your structure, it seems like T-Splines might be a helpful solution to you. After you've made your file in Grasshopper, just convert your NURBS to T-Splines (the shape won't change), turn on control points, select all control points, and run the tsWeld command. Any coincident points will be welded together, and assuming your surfaces meet up with coincident points on the borders, you'll have a single c2 tspline surface, which you can convert back to nurbs.

Let me know if you have questions.







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