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How can I map a normal triangular grid on a freeform surface...???

hey there!I am working on a project for my university and since I m new to Grasshopper creations I need your help...I have a normal triangular grid(with equal edges each triangle) and I want it to be mapped on a freeform surface…But I want the triangles to continue being normal(I mean with 3 equal edges) and each triangle should continue being in one plane(I mean that the edges should not be curved in order to fit exactly the freeform surface)...In a nutshell, I want the unit of a normal triangle(3 equal edges) to be multiplied in 3d space in order to approximately fit/"create" the wanted freeform surface...I would appreciate any help!;-) thanks in advance!

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Hi Aurora,

Try some of these three triangulation methods:

In order for the this definition to work, you will need to install the "Lunchbox" grasshopper plug in.
Download it from here, and install.


thanks a lot!!pretty useful! ;-) just one more question, can I control the definition you sent me in order to create normal triangles(3 equal edges each triangle)?? Is there a way to have normal triangles units that are multiplied in 3d space and approach the curve of the wanted freeform surface??






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