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How can I make a random points in a region that the region is blur?

Hi every one 

I am fairly new in grasshopper and I am trying to make a random points in a region in a way that the region be blur. Actually I do not want the form of the region to be visible in result. 

I already I applied Pop geometry it does not work I need better way.

Thanks for your help,  

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You mean something like a random falloff?

here is a script David Rutten uploaded a while ago.

I didn't found the discussion so I uploaded the file, hope it helps..


Hi Christian 

This is not what I wanted to do in this step but in the next step! because I have several level of points in different height and I want to arrange one of them in grid too! 

Thank you for your response 

Attached is a definition for producing random points in random circles in a region.


Salam Mohamad :) 

That was really helpful. Chang in density is good idea but still I have the region almost obvious. 

I am trying to model a density of tree's root like in a tropical rain forest and I am trying to model it as much as look like organic.but It was new idea for me and thank you for your response Mohamad.


If you have a bunch of points, would moving each one randomly achieve your blurring effect?


David Rutten

If these points are not limited in a region I guess yes that could be an answer.

The attached my line shape in top view as you can see the area between each zone is visible and also the whole region. I used attraction points to avoid it some how.


Like so?


David Rutten


Wonderful David!

Thank you David, That is exactly what I need. 

Thank you for your help.






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