algorithmic modeling for Rhino

For tonight's homework I want everyone to go and explore Grasshopper. I don't just mean glance around at drop down menus I mean really have an in-depth investigation of an area that you don't normally see in your day-to-day use.

Then post your findings here. Everyone is to submit something that they never knew about before.

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It will be only red if you are not allowed it. Press Enter for your final selection

Thank your such a detailed reply Danny.
The problem is impossibility of using regular alphabet keys without the additional Control, Alt or Shift.

For example "O" is not acceptable, but "CTRL+O" is.

That is why I got the red block.

Nice one Greg.

I was just about to give a warning about the new Construct Point upgrading, but it would seem David has thought of everything.

Old Components:

New Components:

Notice how the same Old Point Components has been upgraded to two different ones depending on its inputs

[Point XYZ] x 2 --> [Construct Point] and [Point Oriented]

Dear site administrator Danny, can i opt out please? Im new to GH and have only recently discovered how to create primitive geometry. Also lists and trees seem to be very unpredictable!

Therefore, I dont think i have much to add to your homework assignment at this stage.

Anyway, can you point me in some direction to understand how GH creates list addresses? Do you just run this forum or do you also work at McNeal? If so, can you tell me when some comprehensive and up-to-date help files will be available as currently i find learning more advanced aspects of GH rather crippling!

Hi AnewGHY,

I'm not the site administrator, and yes you can have a Hall Pass :)

The Introduction of Data Trees in Version 0.6 (around the summer of 2009) was a massive leap forward in GH possibilities. Once mastered it will be the most rewarding thing that you can achieve in GH.

Hang in there and ask plenty of questions.

Pretty neat additions to GH are the clock and calendar widgets.  Pretty useful as I'm about to start adding more d's to my IFC (openBIM) grasshopper plugin including planning/programming.

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IF this is a bot, I'm impressed.






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