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Hi folks, new GH user here. My task is to create a perforated vent panel for a robot enclosure and I thought this would be a great chance to use my newfound skills. Well, It appears as if I got the attractor curve to work, however, im having difficulty keeping the grid inside the outline of the piece that will eventually need laser cut.

So. Anyone have any insight on how to use a surface (or a polyline formed from a dupedge) to drive the bounds of the hexagrid?

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Is this what you are after? I'm not sure...


Yeah, looks good! Thanks so much. I'm going to play around with this and understand how it works for future applications.

Ok, so after playing around with the scripting a while, I cant seem to figure out how to tighten up the spacing between the circles. When I reduce the size input of the hexagrid, the spacing seems to stay the same, but the diameters change in the inverse of the direction of the slider. Example: smaller the size slider for hexagrid input, the larger the diameter of the circles.

Your original setting can't change the hexacell count.

Simply adding integer to "EX & EY" should work.


Shortly after I replied I managed to get it to do what I wanted. However, I cant get the Join Curves component to accept more than one input into the C input.


Is it what you want?


Yes, but it doesn't have to be a surface or a solid. I just need the closed polyline output to run my laser toolpaths.

Any thoughts as to why GH wouldn't let me attach two plugs from the output of the Curves to the C input of Join Curves?

Do you mean this?

<LMB+Shift+Drag = Create a new wire without erasing old wires>

See this

...always a click away. Haha.

Thanks so much for all of your help. Understanding your script was very beneficial to me.


here is my file. Main changes is to make the edge planar. This makes it easier to handele the points inside and to create a boundary surface with circle openings.

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