algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello guys,

My question is very straightforward: How to place a hexagonal grid on a surface in order to obtain something like in the picture:

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This image is from DesignMorphine workshop conducted in Chennai,India.I was a tutour there.

This was done using Perlin Noise values to scale and move them in z axis.

Oh my goodness, could you please tell me what should be done exactly?

Hexagonal grid centroids +perlin noise+move in z using same Perlin noise values.

The perlin noise component can be downloaded here.

Do you mean: 4D NOISE

from the link below?


Thank you

Is there any tutorial? I cannot work with it!

Finally, I found it. But I think it is not what I want. I really do want to distribute those hexa on a given surface.

My solution was for image u posted.

Yes, my goal is to reach that image. but the hexa distributions do not go smoothly like a surface in image

Try this . u will need Lunchbox+kangaroo.


you Misinterpreted the image. 






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