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I am new to grasshopper,  I've been trying to follow the Digital Toolbox cull pattern and curve and curve on surface tutorial ( to implement it into a project i am working on. I'm all good until i get to the point where you have to add a surface divide to the subsurface button. Taking a panel out shows that there are only 2 points (the tutorial mention 4 points) and later this lead to problems as curves will only ever link two points in a straight line. I guess it is something to do with my settings for either the subsrf or sDivide button, that means points are only created in one direction..?

Any suggestions appreciated!


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Set your sliders to a higher value than 1. U & V are the number of divisions; 1 division means start and end points only.
Thanks trevor, however, the surface has already been divided using the divide button in the left hand side and the subsurf to create subsurfaces. The SDidvide is there to generate a grid of UV point and the sliders are used to set this to 1 so that this button doesn't redevide subsurfaces, increasing this value only seems to increase points in one direction. The problem for me is that rather than create 4 point surfaces on the intial surface only two UV points are being displayed when you connect the pannel. I want to use the script to created a diagrid linking points across the sub surfaces, is there some fesature of the tools i am missing?
Just looked more closely at the video, I see what you mean now.
The difference is that the video was made with an older version of GH (you can see he has "Div" where you have "SDivide". The new version makes a branch for every row of points (which is great if you want to make non-"dia" grids (what I though you were trying to do).

On your definition you want to use a PathMapper after "SDivide" and before "List Item" that remaps your points from {A;B;C;D} to {A;B;C}
Thanks very much Trevor, I'll give it a whirl!
Couldn't seem to get this working, i've been playing around this tool a little and searching through forums but couldn't find any clues. Any help?
like this:

Is it the PathMapper that's giving you trouble?
Ah perfect! I was inputting the values a little differently, {A;B;C} etc I think I need to read a little about this tool, it seems really useful... Anyway, thanks for all your time Trevor, you've been really helpful.
This was very helpful, it explained everything!. Thank you
Hello everybody, i got the same problem. Is there a way to use the new "SDivide" like the old "Div"?
thank you that is what i was looking for. cheers






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