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I am having trouble creating a surface fitted to a core structure that feels somewhat wrapped around the form.

I have searched this forum and have found a few examples but they are all outdated kangaroo files.

I have attached an example of the type of form I need the "shrink wrap" surface around because the original file was a complex and would have been very confusing.

Please help me out with it because I have been at it for days now with no luck.

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hello zohaa,

here are two shrink wraps based on simple "raycasting".

One for surface & for mesh. However results might not good looking enough.This is because smoothing is missing.  You might optimize them further. For surfaces you could do this manually and for the mesh repr. you could use "lapacian smooth" etc (Weaverbird, or Kangaroo)

Hope I could help


hey Tom, thanks for taking out the time and helping me out!! this is exactly what I was looking for :) and yes smoothing it further gets a very decent output!

Thanks again :D :)






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