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Hi everyone,

I've been watching some tutorials but I can't find out a solution to what I'm want to propose to my project, which is based in this BIG square in Copenhagen:

I am pretty new to grasshopper so I don't really know how to write definition for such outcome, anyone help me?

I downloaded this plug-in, on, and tried to play with the settings, but I couldn't figure out how to realize my plan.

I'm basically looking for a way to create lines throughout my square and get open spaces where lines to circle them, as if I could pick points to retract lines.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Look no further: Grid Spreading


Thanks @Omar Helmy! I tried but seems I'm doing something wrong, can you take a look? maybe, if you can, fix the problem and explain me what went wrong



Hi Fernando.

You are almost there... 


1. you are grafting the flipped gridpoints, instead of flipping and shifting their paths.

2. you are using Closest Pointcomponent, looking for the 3 closest points, not just the closest one, this will require another data structure. 

3. When evaluating distances to the closest point, with the chosen gridsize, the tolerance needs to be around 100 to get an effect.

See attached

This definition is quite simple and you will not get exactly the solution you might be looking for, but you are quite a long way. If you skip merging the flipped grid you will get curves in one direction only, but you will still get a few mistakes. This is something you can detail more, to get the result you want.

Cheers Rasmus


Rasmus Holst thank you so much, you're great! your help was amazing. Can I ask one more thing?

Follow my attachment

Into the file i put a place where I want to make my square, the ground in pink layer is the ground where I want these spread lines happen, I put a example there alongside.

Could you explain to me how to do that my original grid could be the plan of the land, the plance in pink layer? And another thing, the site gives us this last definition: /T9bYpVBagpI/AAAAAAAAAS8/gm_RirvsTOw/s640/line+spread.png, where it says that can be possible let skinning the pathways with metaballs
and mesh from points or using millipede. (I've got lost in this part, what is metaballs mesh and millipede?).

My question is, how can I get this result ( /T9bYpVBagpI/AAAAAAAAAS8/gm_RirvsTOw/s640/line+spread.png) in my place in layer pink (check my file).

Thanks in advece and I'm sorry for being annoyng.


anyone?? pretty please??

Hi Fernando. 

What you are trying to do in the latest attachment is a bit different. You want to force a flow. I would use the same strategi of pulling divided curve points towards your boundary curves and adding to kind of spring/distance in between them, so they do not overlap.

Give that a go and then upload, then people here can try and improve on it. Maybe somebody have the time to do it for you, but even then it would not be very didactic :) 

Look around for similar references etc.







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