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Hi Guys,

Would anyone know a good book or website about gridshells ?



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Hi Arthur,

I worked on a modified version of your solution which created geodesics from a surface with four boundary curves, rather than the continuous boundary curve in your example. The way the geodesics were laid was really finicky so I did not post it here, but interesting enough, did the same thing manually in Rhino and got the same results - so it is not the GH definition.

To answer your questions:
If the gridshell is truly a structural shell, then bracing should not be required. BUT, I am an architect, not an engineer....

As for triangulation, that kind of flies in the face of the geodesics at least as I approached them to get curved elements from straight segments. Lot easier to just go ahead with straight segments in the first place, especially if using steel. That is, what would you lose by just using one of the various diagrid GH definitions floating around? However, if you take a look at Gehry's lattice enclosure over the lawn at the Chicago Millenium Park bandshell, those members are curved (a little chunky but a nice solution). Depending on your shape, the geodesics might help to segment into singly curved pipe sections, rather than the likely and costly alternative of double curved pipes.
i WILL ALSO LIKE TO borrow the IL 10 scan? I'd be very grateful as I'm doing some projects for a stadium:


Hello Mark,

I would really apreciate to borrow the IL 10. I'm also doing some projects in this field for my thesys. I am trying some gravitational form finding.

My email is:

Thank you in advance!


Thanks Mark,
If a geodesic line would be made of small straight segments, it wouldn't keep all of its structural properties?
Buckminster's dome were made of straight segments.
I am getting a bit confused.
You think in the case of triangulated steel gridshell like the British Museum extension by Foster... geodesic lines are actualy not so relevant?
Good questions and interesting point on Fuller's Geodesic domes. A simple study would be to do structural analysis of a Bucky Geodesic and with a GH defined Diagrid....some other day. Note, his domes use "great circles" which would be geodesics, but not the only way to subdivide the sphere in geodesics. For example, I applied your GH definition to a 1/3 sphere. More to the point: the geodesic lines is just geometry, so I would be cautious about defining those structural properties without the surface and position on that surface in which they are applied.

Not sure about the British Museum, but there is a rather thorough essay on their Smithsonian roof that I will try to find.
Perhaps this has already been mentioned but Dr Chris Williams of the University of Bath is rather knowledgeable about form finding of gridshells. He worked on the British Museum Great Court Roof.
Dear Mark ,

Could i also ask you to send me a copy of your IL 10 gridshells too.
My email is

Many Thanks
Does anyone have any experience building prototypes/mockups of gridshells?

Mark, would you be so kind as to forward me a copy of your IL 10 Gridshells?

Thanks a lot.
Hi everybody!
I'm doing a project where there are complex gridshells to be made with none right angle grid.
The only examples I could find suggest U and V section planes and right angle grid shells. But I need to find out how to manage complex gridshells in order to prepare a file for manufacturing on 2-axis milling machine.
Here are my renders made in 3dsMax without Grasshopper and a Rhino file with initial geometry to make parametric gridsells out of them as shown on the renders.
Please, help me. It's really important.
Hi Leonid,

This looks more like grillage than gridshell. Therefore, try taking a look at Taz's cool grillage generating definition:

All the best...
Hey David! I think this is exactly that task I am trying to execute.
Great thanks! I'll try to follow those instructions.


Hello is the copy of IL 10 Still available through this thread? If so is anyone so kind as to send it to me?




Thank you so much!






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