algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi Guys,

Would anyone know a good book or website about gridshells ?



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I would like to have a copy to, I'm currently graduating and my topic is gridshells. The IL 10 PDF would be of great help!




Thanks a lot!!!

HI Arthur, 

Have you come up with any good definition for gridshells? Also what about useful books/paper?

I appreciate you help.

Hi M Nick,

I have just updated the definition which I created thanks to this conversation:

Regarding books, the essay by Mark Cabrinha was very useful.

Hope this helps,


Hi Mark could I get a copy of IL 10 about gridshells I'm a student doing a report on gridshells.

Thank you, Simon

Hi Could someone send me the IL gridshells documentif they have it. I'mdoing a project on them and it would be a great help. Thanks in advance.


Mark, or anyone with a copy, would you be able to send me a link to the IL 10 file? Sorry to bother, but it's pretty difficult to even find a physical copy.

thank you!


could I also ask for the copy of IL 10 about gridshells? I am doing a project in my university concerning gridshells, and it would help me much. My email is

thank you in advance !

could please someone create a dropbox link with this IL 10 book?

thank you in advance


Could somebody please send me a copy of IL (10) Gridshells to .

Thanks a lot!

Frede R.

Ok my turn now. Here goes my email if possible I'll like to have a copy of the book ad well

Thank you in advance

Here is the book send by Grtz Mirre. many thanks to her.

enjoy guys

and many thanks to you too!.








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