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Hi everyone, i'm a novice user of GH and i'm struggling with a problem that hopefully you can help me with.

I need to perform a daylight simulation of a building and i have a series of rooms with an irregular shape. I need to set up a regular grid of points with a distance of 1.5mt (5 ft) in order to calculate the amount of lux.

I've been looking around the web for tools and solutions but the only one i've found is the grid tool within Honeybee which i guess uses the meshes. It is ok, however it generates too many points (especially near the borders).. Since i have many rooms to calculate i want to minimize the no. of points as much as possible.. basically i want just the points on the 1.5x1.5mt grid...

Hope i'm making sense... i've also found a component called pixelator but it crashes when there are too many surfaces..

Is there a way to overlay a grid of points over the polygonal surfaces and cull the points that are outside the boundary? or something similar?



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You can try to create a separate grid, then use the 'Surface Closest Point' component using your 'irregular'surface. I think this should get you what you need......

Thank you very much Matt!

It did work... see my definition.

Thanks again,








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