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Hi All,

As the title says. Any handy keyboard shortcuts available in the Python component script editor? In particular, a way of executing the script without having to get your hands off the keyboard would be really sweet (as in, hitting the "Test" button). I did try searching both here and on the Rhino Python forum first without much luck.



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Hi Anders,

I'm studying this. I'll let you know more in a little.


- Giulio

Done. The next release will allow to use F5 to Test and Ctrl+F5 for Apply&Close.

Thank you for reporting this wish.

- Giulio

That's most excellent Giulio, much appreciated! Looking forward to the next release.



Just piggybacking my own thread with a further request for the Python script editor. It would be great if one could "collapse" or "close" all the functions and classes within a script (equivalent to hitting all those little minus signs in boxes) using a button or keyboard shortcut:

I guess you (Giulio) is not in charge of developing the Python component any more, but perhaps Steve (or whomever is developing it now) is listening in.

Edit: Added a wish on the McNeel GitHub:

One thing to add up...

I just find [CTRL + /] stand for comment (uncomment) code...

A reminder for someone who is also struggling on this problem...

But for C# script component:

we have the similar shortcut configuration in Visual Studio (:))

[ctrl K + ctrl C] for comment


[ctrl K + ctrl U] for uncomment

Nice find Yijiang! I usually just wrap everything in triple block quotes, but this is definitely faster for quickly commenting something out. Too bad it won't work with Scandinavian keyboards that do not have a numeric keypad (/ is the shift mode of the 7 key). How did you figure this out if I may ask? Wonder if there are more hidden shortcuts yet to be discovered :)

I agree with Anders. Quite a nice find!
Really, how did you find out this Yijiang?

I just tried them out randomly... I was using visual studio quite a lot back in the day and these key bindings persist until this day:

The Ctrl + / key bind is a "natural" thing to try out since they are quite universal as a default across many text editors (Sublime, Notepad++, VScode, etc.)

Hi Huang,
Thank you for the explanation!

Tab indents 4 spaces and shift + tab removes an indent






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