algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Version 1.1.0 (2015-11-22): A new version of GHLauncher is ready for download, Check out this video for details on new features:

This version works on 64-bit version of Rhino 5 SR8 or later.

Download the installation file below.

GHLauncher 1.1.0.exe

Version 1.0.1 (2015-10-08): To work with a .gh / .ghx file we always need to open rhinoceros and then run grasshopper command and then open our file.

I think it would be much better if it was possible to run these files directly from explorer. i searched for the solution of this problem, but i couldn't find anything. (but i'm not sure, maybe there is an obvious way to open these file directly.)

So i wrote myself a small visual basic hack to make this procedure as short as possible.

I thought maybe someone else would have the same problem so i decided to share this hack here.

To make it works, you must download the installation file and execute it. after finishing the installation, all .gh / .ghx files should automatically associate with my program (called GHLauncher.exe), every time you double click on a .gh / .ghx file, this program should automatically open rhino, run grasshopper command, and open the file.

I only test this program on my computer (windows 10, Rhinoceros 5 SR12 64-bit, Grasshopper 0.9.0076) and i'm not sure if it would work on other.

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Hi Piero, snd thank you again, i fix the problem, and i would be so grateful if you checked it again.

This is really great, would be nice if you put a link to it in the Milkbox group so it won't get lost after some time in Discussions.

I am going to do this. but first i want to test if it works on other PCs. Thanks a lot.

nice hack! can confirm that it runs perfectly on win7. thank you Mahdiyar!  

Thank you so much, i'm glad to hear that.

Thanks a lot :)

Cool! Works well.

One question. Is there a way to ping GHLauncher to a an open instance of GH? Meaning if I already have Rhino/GH open, can I circumvent your hack from launching Rhino/GH again and have the file open in the exiting GH instance? I can imagine when both situations would be desirable.

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you Stephan,

Good idea. I would inform you, whenever i found a way to make this possible.

I agree! An Instance would be PERFECT. Particularly for many of us that are learning to become better users of GH. I look at many examples, I do a lot of experiment with cutting and pasting of components to find different viable solutions, through trial and error. Using an instance to cut and paste from would be a definite advantage. :)

Bug fixes,

Thanks to Piero, now GhLauncher will work with other languages too.

You don't need to uninstall the old version.

I have also replaced the file in the previous post.


..Great Mahdiyar!!!.. Now is all right!!!.. a very quickly solution!!.. Thanks again for your work.


So many times I habitually double click GH files... thank you for this cool hack!






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