algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Good Morning,

I have recently moved to Frankfurt. I am looking for a position in:

3D - Engineering / Digital Fabrication (+ python programming)

I was wondering if anybody might know of companies looking for grasshopper specialists or if anybody can suggest interesting places to work?




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Nice topic! 

Hi Frederich,

iam also looking for an Job where i can use my GH+Programming Knowledges.

Besides B+G and Sobek I  would recommend you Knippers Helbig in Stuttgart where i did an internship. And of course SBP (schlaich bergermann und partner). There are more little companys in Stuttgart who work with it.

ARUP is an big company too who also developed some GH components. Or Buro Happold, but they arent in Germany.

If you found a interesting Job, may you could give me an advise :)



I'm not every encouraged about Germany's future. I'm reading a lot of professionals are leaving, due to the Merkel's immigration policies.

Padden? Are you serious? Of course not, why should we leaving? Because of immigrants? Please, do we really have to start this kind of discussion now?






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