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Hello All,

I'm wondering if there exists a reference chart that has all the different grasshopper icons on it corresponding with their names? Many example scripts on the site (and web in general) are exemplified with screen grabs and many folks have their display set to icons. It's time consuming to try and search through all the components looking for the right picture. I think this is further compounded by different versions of grasshopper? 

For example the attached image an icon with a tree branch and the input variables of D & S, in my version of grasshopper the exact same icon stands for graft tree, but its input variable is T... 

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Totally agree with Martyn here ;).

I'm sure this has been asked somewhere before...  But would there be a way to display both, icons and "sensible, easy to decipher, alphanumeric abbreviations" on the same components - for those of us (like myself) who are "bi-curious grasshoppers" wanting to understand everyone...

I believe it would make life so much easier for the entire Grass-hopping community. 

Good Day :)

Of course it has been asked before... bifocals to the rescue:

Is there any chance a native option would be developed?

I'd like to back this up XD:

for future reference, there is this list:

(One of the two contributors to it is a github user "Rhino" - is that possibly David?)

طراحی سایت ثبت دامنه

Hi all

I modified the script to extract the name, nickname, category and subcategory of every component included in my version of Grasshopper, but I want to be able to do the same for the Author attributes.

Is it possible to extract Author and Website for every component, or at least for all user objects where this property is available?






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