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Dear all,

Grasshopper and Rhino 4 no longer get along and Grasshopper has decided it's time to move out. As of today, Grasshopper is officially a Rhino 5 only plug-in.

Today we are re-releasing 0.9.0014 with an updated installer that will install Grasshopper on all Rhino 5 installations on a system, be they 32 or 64 bit. There was a snag which prevents us from releasing an updated version and we won't be able to fix this until Rhino 5 SR1, though that shouldn't be all that far off as we've already been typing on SR1 for several weeks.

You can download the new installer from the usual location.

Here are some details, facts and suggestions in no particular order:

  • If you already have Grasshopper 0.9.0014 (released on September 28th 2012) running on Rhino4 and Rhino5, it's best to ignore this release.
  • The new installer will put Grasshopper into ProgramFiles(x86)\Grasshopper for Rhino 5\ or into MyDocuments\ depending on user privilege levels.
  • The new installer should not uninstall Grasshopper from Rhino4.
  • Grasshopper for Rhino4 will never expire.
  • There's no reason why you couldn't keep both the old Grasshopper for Rhino4 and the new Grasshopper for Rhino5.

You can always download the last release of Grasshopper for Rhino4 from our servers if you need to, we'll try and keep it available indefinitely.


David Rutten

Vienna, Austria

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hi dear David rutten

i just got the this problem, how could i solve this problem ?

my grasshopper ver 9.14 doesn't work by rhino 5 ?why ?please help me ?


Hi Vahid,

you need a newer Rhino5. I think the one you have is very old.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia


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Do we know how much longer to the mac R5 release and how it's going to work the license update for us who have know the R4 license? Will be valid a current win R5 license?
With this announcement I'm in a dilemma as a mac user.

Good Morning,


A quick check.

Is licensing/purchases required for grasshopper?

Or free to go with Rhino5?


Thanks Yeo 

Grasshopper is licensed, but not sold. You need to accept the license agreement before you can use Grasshopper, but you do not need to pay or it. You can use Grasshopper for commercial, educational and non-profit projects without limitation.

Note that the same does not apply to all the 3rd party plug-ins for Grasshopper, some do need to be purchased.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia


This is unfortunate, such software should be paying.

This is an extraordinary software that offers the user a pleasure to work and openness to infinity.
The cost probably squeezed too high if we rely on other publishers.

What do you think?
Maybe success is partly due to its free.

It's not exactly free, you are paying for the Rhino license. I know people that are buying Rhino just for Grasshopper, so I'm sure they will make money with GH.

The good thing for McNeel about having it as a free plugin for Rhino is that they don't officially need to support it.

If we consider Grasshopper to be part of Rhino, then in effect people are paying for it. Grasshopper is also still in Beta and all McNeel software is free while in Beta.

The success of Grasshopper is in large part due to the GH community which is certainly a lot larger and more helpful than it would be if Grasshopper was a commercial product.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Yes exactly.






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