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Hi All,


Grasshopper 0.8.0011 can be downloaded from the usual location. But before you do, a small notice and a warning:


In order to run this new version you need to have the latest Microsoft runtimes installed on your machine. If you're on the Rhino5 auto-update cycle you should already have these. Install the new version, and if it doesn't work, then also download and install this package:


Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 (be sure to pick the x86 version as Rhino4 is a 32-bit application)




This build won't run well on Rhino5 until the next release of Rhino5. And secondly this build contains dlls compiled with a newer platform. This should not technically matter, but don't download this build if you're worried something exotic might go wrong. In case something does go wrong, the installer for 0.8.0010 can still be downloaded here.



Changes since 0.8.0010:

  • Object Info marker location is now limited to the visible canvas region.
  • Added a Ctrl+Alt+Shift override to save the Grasshopper window + info markers as an image. (Danny, I know you'll like this)
  • Added Modified Arc component (Curve.Primitive dropdown).
  • Added Point/Circle tangent lines component (Curve.Primitive dropdown).
  • Added External Tangent Lines component (Curve.Primitive dropdown).
  • Added Internal Tangent Lines component (Curve.Primitive dropdown).
  • Added Find Similar Member component (Sets.Sets dropdown).
  • Beefed up GHA loading error messages.
  • Added early custom Ribbon Layout mechanism and editor.
  • Added Geometry Cache object (Params.Geometry dropdown).
  • Added automatic closed, planar curve to mesh conversion.
  • Added MeshSplit component (Intersect.Boolean panel).
  • Added type groups to the GHA info dialog.
  • Output parameter naming for Tree Explode was inconsistent, this is fixed.
  • The Value List object has an improved selection UI.
  • Intersect.Boolean panel has been renamed to Intersect.Shape.
  • Loose curve offset algorithm has been completely rewritten, expect possible breaking changes.


Further notes:


Loose curve offset did not work properly on Closed and Periodic curves. I rewrote the thing from scratch but it probably gives quite different (hopefully better!) results. There are still further improvements possible, so it's possible it will change behaviour again soon.


Ribbon Layouts are customized collections of tabs, panels and buttons. They are stored in *.ghlayout files which can be created using a dedicated Layout Editor. You can start the editor via the Grasshopper File menu or via the Ribbon popup menu (you have to right click on the area of the ribbon where tabs are displayed).


The order of Tabs and Panels is maintained, but within each panel area the components are ordered alphabetically.


When multiple loaded *.ghlayout files define the same Tab or Panel names, these will be merged. Duplicate components in identically named panels will not be shown.


The editor itself is almost entirely drag+drop based, so you won't find many buttons or menu items that 'do' stuff.


Layout settings should be sticky between Grasshopper sessions. If no layouts are loaded or if all loaded layouts are hidden, then the default layout kicks in, showing all components. So the only thing you can do with these custom layouts is hide functionality.





David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

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This is the night you should be inebriated, not releasing new builds!

Thankyou as always

Output parameter naming for Tree Explode was inconsistent, this is fixed.

I thought the idea was to get them more consistent with the rest of GH i.e 0,1,2 etc now they're back to where we started 1,2,3 etc

And I do like the new ctrl+alt+shift image save as, even though now the arrows don't disappear when you let go of the keys.

You're a harsh master Danny.


About the info graphics sticking around, I cannot replicate that at all. In fact, I can't even see the graphics when using Ctrl+Alt+Shift. What is the exact order of keyboard and mouse buttons you press?



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Ok, now Explode Tree always starts at zero. 



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Sorry I wrote that after coming home late last night and didn't finish my thought process. Before when I used the ctrl+alt combination the graphics would disappear before you had a chance to hit print screen. Now they hang around which is great.
thanks a lot!
cant find "find similar members"...

Hi Philip, this is where its meant to be.

@David you were right!

I installed this version twise however I havent this component in the ribbon...
in spite of that all other new options are here...
..... what can i do with this?



not all components are visible on the ribbon. You may need to click on the black panel bar to see them all. Danny clearly has the "Show All Component" option checked in the View menu, which forces all icons to be drawn on the ribbon anyway.


In the update notes, it states:


Added Find Similar Member component (Sets.Sets dropdown)


the dropdown bit indicates that the icon is available on the panel dropdown list only and not on the panel itself.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia






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