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Minor updates and bug fixes to 0.8.0002 available for download.

  ● Added proper tooltip formatting for Expression Variants.
  ● Added more icon feedback to preview modes.
  ○ Fixed flat Box to Brep conversions.
  ○ Fixed Nurbs Curve to GH_Curve conversions.
  ○ Fixed a bug with lingering previews on disabled objects.
  ○ Fixed yet another bug with Curve offsetting.
  ○ Layers in the undo stack would still show up in the Bake Dialog. This is now fixed.
  ○ Fixed a bug in Sweep2.

David Rutten
Seattle, WA

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As shown in the screen shot the min curvature 0.04821 is larger than the max curvature 0.  If I swap uv in the referenced cylinder the normal vector continues to point outward and the min curvature changes sign.  Flipping the normal direction of the referenced surface (the normal flips correctly) has no effect on the sign of the min curvature.  The question then is why is flipping the normal direction not changing the sign of the curvature and why is the min curvature shown in the example (0.04281) not being assigned to the max curvature output node when it's numerically greater than 0?



Wish: Ctrl + w = Close document (Like in Photoshop for example)

Hi David, I think hitting ENTER here should mean "Commit changes" and close the window. If people want the ability to see the effect of different values (with the window open), there could perhaps be an Update or Preview button?


I don't want to change the existing behaviour, but I added Ctrl+Enter and Shift+Enter overloads. use these combinations to assign the value and close the menu.


Also added Ctrl+W to close.



David Rutten

Seattle, WA

Ok. Thanks!


Is it possible to alter the range of integer sliders? I know the default is set for the length to be at least 10. This is an issue when we have less than 10 items to iterate through, and it makes controlling animation tricky because we get a few duplicates or null frames because the range of the integer slider has to be at least 10 items long.






When I select multiple curves in Rhino and assign them to a GH Curve component (using "Assign Multiple"), the resulting list of Curves is not in the order in which I selected them.  (This is also the case with other geometry such as points.)  Is this a bug or am I missing something?


Best, Justin

Hi Justin,


the order should be maintained, if not, it's a bug. During point picking the order is displayed by a polyline connecting the points. Are you picking curves one by one or window selecting them?



David Rutten

Seattle, WA



I was pre-selecting (picking) one-by-one in Rhino and then jumping into grasshopper and choosing "Set Multiple" in the component.  But you are right, if I choose "Set Multiple" in the component first and then pick one-by-one in Rhino everything works perfectly fine.


Best, Justin






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