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Grasshopper 0.7.0001 (or rather, Grasshopper 1.0 WIP April-30 2010 as I've been instructed to call it) is now available for download from this location:

This version is a major change from 0.6.X and it is very likely that there will be numerous serious problems with 0.7 for at least a few weeks to come. I'm maintaining the 0.6.00059 download in case anyone needs to fall back onto a working version in a hurry.

Do not use this version on important work and do not overwrite files made with previous versions.

This new version is based on the RhinoCommon SDK which is still in its infancy and not anywhere near as tested and proven as the 'old' DotNET SDK. There's not that much new stuff in this release, it mainly represents a platform switch.

Here's a list of things that definitely won't work in 0.7:
  • It won't work in Rhino5
  • Sweep1
  • Sweep2
  • Pipe
  • Any custom components developed for 0.6.X
Here's a list of things that probably won't work:
  • Slider Animations
  • VB and C# scripts written in 0.6.X (I've tried to maintain legacy support, but I probably missed a few cases)
Here's a list of stuff we don't know won't work:
  • Yeah... wouldn't that be nice... I suppose this is where you come in.

Note that a lot of components have been shuffled in a desperate attempt to bring some order and simplicity to the over-crowded toolbars. Many of them are now only available via the drop-down panels. Others have been merged into new master components (Addition for example now works on Colours, Numbers, Integers, Vector, Points and Complex Numbers).

Have fun testing and don't claim I didn't warn you,

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia

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No, we're definitely a lot closer to running on the mac, but this particular version only works on Rhino4. So it's actually a step back from 0.6, which worked on 4 and 5.

This is something we'll fix soon, but I had to make a different flavour of RhinoCommon or wait an extra month with releasing and I chose the former.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia
well that explains the error i get in rhino 5
yay, galapagos! oh wait, there are no icons :)

when david? when?
Galapagos is in there, but I disabled the interface (hid the icon). There's still regular and crash bugs in it so I don't want to make it public just yet.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia
Only one thing: you need SR8 to use it. I needed to download it before use it.
Ah, yes. Forgot to mention that.
But anyway, SR8 is a good thing to have as well.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia
Excellent work, version 1! We should all toast to Grasshopper's coming of age. (Although I might wait until this evening as 10am is a little too soon even by my standards)

I love the Legend Component, but was wondering as baking it does seem to work is the bake option an accidental inclusion on the context menu or is it intended to be baked into Rhino. I would love it if this was the case!

Also could you make GH check for any user presets for the gradient component when installing? As my favorite disappeared.
Hi Danny,

sorry no, I didn't do any special baking yet for it. It's just the default menu of any Component (Legend is nothing more than a Component with a hacked display).

I can definitely see how it would be useful to be able to bake it (but where would it put it?)

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia
ummm...It could be baked as some kind of Excel chart...autocad lets you darw that kind of component in models.
All you need is a couple more optional inputs: a base pt and a scale factor
And with respect to the installer, it has nothing to do with the Gradient presets. User preferences are stored elsewhere (Grasshopper->File->Open Settings...). I must have botched it some other way. Though it seems more than likely that there would be different settings for Rhino4 and Rhino5.

I'll try and make it more consistent.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia






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