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Ok, one more for today. Versioning was broken for the past few releases, this has been fixed. This release does not provide any new functionality or actual bug fixes. Only if you submit crash reports does it make a difference and then only on our end.

Feel free to wait for 0.9.0057 before updating again.

Otherwise you can download 0.9.0056 from the usual location.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

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Hi David,

Would it be possible to add a scroll button to the primary tab section. With many addons installed, currently have to manually drag grasshopper window larger to see them. I think there was a scroll in the earlier versions that worked well.

can I have one more wish?

`I really want a "wi-fi" component. Yes, I know we can hide wires, but I really like the way it realised in vvvv - name each stream (like - this stream's name is "X") and then on the reciever component - to choose one from ALL sending streams. This way we can create global constants or global parameters, making script much easier 






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