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Ok, one more for today. Versioning was broken for the past few releases, this has been fixed. This release does not provide any new functionality or actual bug fixes. Only if you submit crash reports does it make a difference and then only on our end.

Feel free to wait for 0.9.0057 before updating again.

Otherwise you can download 0.9.0056 from the usual location.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

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Can i know where will it install in the computer?

I had use the installer but it didn't install any new version

My grasshopper still stay in 0.9.0014

Have a look in:

C:\Users\dboyes\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\Plug-ins\Grasshopper {SomeWierdNumberString}

You can manually add it through Rhino Options>plug-ins>Install and select the rhp file 

I also met the same problem? Did you solve this problem? If the address can tell me how to solve? thank you

Add remote panel !! I love it

Question : does installing the new GH on Rhino 5 will have any influence on 0.9.014 that works on rhino 4?

It will probably leave it alone. But I'm not sure.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Thanks, will try it then.

Why does the RHI installer not uninstall the previous version? Is this a flaw? Are we supposed to manually delete? What happens to the registry value doing it this way?

I think it was a concious choice to not uninstall older versions. One of the ideas behind RHI is to make updating very easy and automatic. It would be wrong to do this without the ability to revert to an earlier version. But I'm not fully up on the philosophy behind RHI.

The discussion about what RHI is and isn't, should and shouldn't do is an interesting one but I think it belongs on the main Rhino support forums where Brian Gillespie and other core Rhino developers can read it and respond to it. In fact the developer forum seems like the best place.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Ok, good point. It seems like installers and MSI packages are something that has been developed over a long time and there is already a lot of rigor put in to these. There are various dedicated and expansive Solutions  out there to create an installer - Advanced Installer, Installshield etc. Not sure how wise it is to do away with such approaches. For instance, the registry is where most up to date information regaridng currnet instaleld version of Rhino is installed. I know previoulsy I was able to interrogate thre registry to determine where GH was installed on a work sation and to access the GH settings file. Ill do a bit more reading as you suggest,



RHI is basically an easy way to make installer for Plugin developers. You don't have to learn MSI or Wise or WIX, just put your files in a zip archive, rename to *.rhi and you're done. I use 7z to automatically create the zip file so the entire build process including installer is now fully automated.

Rhino will unzip the package and add all required registry keys so that different versions of Rhino will load the correct plug-in and toolbar flavours. I think RHI was an excellent idea that will make life easier for just about everybody involved (except maybe Brian and Steve who have to write rhiexec, but at least they'll have to provide less support for people struggling with standard installers).


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Hello David,

I think I detected a bug concerning the SHP-Import Component.

Since I installed the Microsoft Office - Access Database Engine 2010 64Bit package everything worked fine untill now. But now I wanted to open a SHP file (file attached) I've downloaded and the following error is shown in the SHP component:

1. Error while parsing Basin.EP.ibtracs_all_lines.v03r04: The element is already added. Key in dictionary: "tmpaebd.basin". Key to add: "tmpaebd.basin".

The key "tmp...basin" is always different.

I also thought there is maybe a problem with the SHP file, but I have the same problem with different "keys" if I try to open some other files. It is also possible to open the SHP files with the Pythonscript from Finch, but I would prefer to take your native SHP Component because it is much faster if it is working.

Do you have any ideas or suggestens what might be the error?



P.S. I also recognized if you added the "Syncronize" option to an input and you are showing with your cursor on the added "Syncronize" icon in the concerning input of the componet the "Degrees" icon is shown instead of the "Syncronize" icon.






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