algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Another minor update is available for download from the usual location. This release fixes four bugs and adds one component.

Please see the 0.9.0051 release notes for the really important messages. If you've already installed 0.9.0051 or newer you can just upgrade without problems.

New since 0.9.0052:

  • Added Brep Split component (Intersect.Shape dropdown).

  • 3DM import layer filter did not work, this is fixed.

  • Component Aliases were never loaded, this is fixed.

  • Script components would not work without any RunScript code, this is fixed.

  • Text Format component would skip the first formatting item, this is fixed.




David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

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See my post yesterday i was having the same issue

Fixed it. I'll release 0.9.0054 in about half an hour or so.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Damn u are quick


I think I've found another bug.

I searched already in the discussions of the new Grasshopper versions,

but couldn't find anything about this problem.

If I bake something from Grasshopper to Rhino or if I want to create a material in Rhino, Grasshopper automatically opens the last definition I've worked with. This is very annoying if you had worked on a large definition because then it take ages for one mouse click and in Grasshopper you need to go trough all opened definitions to find the right one. When I close Grasshopper if this happens and continue working just with Rhino everything seem to be ok except of one thing, Rhino is getting very slow. 

Up to now I couldn't test if this bug still exists in Grasshopper 0.9.0054 because I can't make it work with Rhino 5 64Bit.







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