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A minor upgrade with 5 bug fixes is available for download. If you didn't install 0.9.0051, please read the release notes as they contain important stuff.

0.9.0052 fixes the following bugs:

  • Warnings and Errors from 3rd party GHA components compiled for older versions would not show, this is fixed.

  • Double clicking on Text Panels would not work if the panel background was partially transparent, this is fixed.

  • Editing Text Panels would crash if the panel background was partially transparent, this is fixed.

  • Trim Tree component would not work, this is fixed.

  • AssignDataToParameter() RhinoScript method did not work correctly when assigning strings, this is fixed.

This release can be downloaded from the usual location.

Grasshopper 0.9.0052 requires Rhino5 to run. It will not work on Rhino4.

If you're upgrading to 0.9.0052 from an old Grasshopper version, please manually uninstall that version first.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

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The new Weaverbird release is now ready. Enjoy!

Neither of those have been addressed. Weaverbird specifically disables itself on 0.9.0051, however the message it was displaying was not visible. It is now. Doesn't help you much I suppose, but it will take a WeaverBird update.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

However, thanks to all of you for your help!

Thank you thank you thank you!! Awesome!!

Just a very small thing, when click & dragging the scroll button in the VB-script window, the text editor doesn't update (doesn't scroll), it only updates when the button is released.

That is different from the .14. But as I said, a really small thing.

The 'Run Script' button is a life saver!!

Thanks !


Thanks a lot for the new release, it will keep me awake for many following nights.

I don't know if I am too tired already, but I cannot find Python in 0.9.0052.

GH loads all of the libraries except for Python. When trying to delete it from the Libraries folder, it says that the component is used (by Rhino). Do I miss something obvious?

Check if the Python .gha is in File -> Special Folders -> Components folder.
And check whether it's blocked (right click on it ->Properties)

Hi djordje,

The .gha was all the time in the Components folder and was unblocked, therefore I was ringing the bells. But, I guess the computer needed a shutdown and a good sleep because today Python appeared again.

Thanks anyway!


thanks for the new release. Can't wait to try it.

I just wanted to ask because I'm working currently on a project with Grasshopper and I'm not sure if something will break if I update to the new version, is there a possibility to leave Grasshopper 0.9.0014 installed and also install the new Grasshopper 0.9.0052 and then manually load it by drag & drop, if you want to use it, like the way you could do with earlier versions?




technically yes, but it's easier to uninstall-reinstall rather than keep both alive at the same time.

You can always go back to 0.9.0014 if you want, just don't overwrite your old files with 0.9.0050+ or you might no longer be able to open them on earlier versions.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Ok, thanks for the fast answer.






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