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The next release of Grasshopper is now available for download.


You need Rhino4 SR9 or a recent Rhino5 Beta to run Grasshopper.


Note that you need the most recent Microsoft Runtimes to be able to run Grasshopper. You can download the latest runtimes from the Microsoft Website and be sure to get the 32-bit ones (vcredist_x86.EXE).



This release features fairly minor fixes and updates, to wit:

  • Create Set component now also outputs an Index map.
  • Integer Division now has initialization code support.
  • Typing a double quote (") into the Popup will now always create a Text Panel.
  • Typing a double slash (//) into the Popup will now always create a Text Panel.
  • Typing a tilde symbol (~) into the Popup will now always create a Scribble.
  • Typing a number into the Popup will now always create a Number Slider.
  • Typing a plus symbol (+) into the Popup will now always create an Addition component.
  • Typing a minus symbol (-) into the Popup will now always create a Subtraction component.
  • Typing an asterisk symbol (*) into the Popup will now always create a Multiplication component.
  • Typing a slash symbol (/) into the Popup will now always create a Division component.
  • Typing a backslash symbol (\) into the Popup will now always create an Integer Division component.
  • Typing a percent symbol (%) into the Popup will now always create a Modulus component.
  • Typing an ampersand symbol (&) into the Popup will now always create a Concatenation component.
  • Added a GeneList object to Galapagos to allow for declaration of a large number of solver variables.
  • Expressions now automatically evaluate strings that are used as variables.
  • Added menu shortcut UI to preferences (Interface section).
  • All components and parameters on the component tabs now have an alias menu item.
  • The Custom Preview component now draws its geometry differently when selected.
  • Added Cull Vertices component (Mesh.Util panel).
  • Added Delete Vertices component (Mesh.Util panel).
  • Added canvas panning navigation via the arrow keys.
  • Added canvas zooming navigation via the PageUp/PageDown keys.
  • Toggle Enabled menu didn't work, this is fixed.
  • Default Material Preview colours were both set to red, this is fixed.
  • Recompute item in Legacy menu was only enabled when objects were selected, this is fixed.
  • Canvas tooltips might stick around after an object has been cut or deleted, this is fixed.
  • Baking via the Radial Menu would happen twice under certain conditions, this is fixed.
  • Power operator component failed for integers with non-positive exponents, this is fixed.  
  • XOR gate component was returning the inverted result, this is fixed.
  • Parameter Simplify Post-Process would fail under certain conditions, this is fixed.





David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

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Thank you very much for your great job, David!
Nice to see this!!!
thanks, David!!!!

woohooo! made my crappy stressful day sunny!

thanks David!



HI David,


Excellent work with the new shorter keyword triggers.


I don't think that the red bold type face is clear enough in your original post. Is there no way you can get a font to flash as well in HTML. 


Where about on the menus did you put the Keyword Search to assign a short cut to?


Also the undo of the post process error is still present: were you unable to replicate this?

Oh, I missed the undo-bug report. I'll try and remember for the next release :)


Are you asking about the aliases? You'll find a textbox in the menu of each component on the toolbars. You can supply comma (or space) separated aliases:


It's just a way to add extra weight to a certain result, so you can apply the same alias to any number of objects and they'll all appear at the bottom of the search list.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

I can't remember where the post is but we discussed adding the Keyword Search pop up as a menu item so that I could assign a keyboard short cut to it similar to the space bar for middle mouse button.


Found it:

Done. But I ran into a huge bug with the new menu shortcut stuff which I need to resolve before I release a new version that has more menu items. <expletive>.




David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Try the attached. I'd like to know if the shortcut (F4 by default) shows up in the menu under Edit->Create.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia



Works at this end.

What was the major bug?

The local shortcut settings would obviously know nothing about any new menu items and they would always erase whatever shortcut was assigned to them. I had to write some extra logic that determined whether it makes sense to erase a menu item shortcut. Luckily I stored all menu items in the xml settings, not just the ones that had shortcuts associated with them, otherwise a fix would not be possible*.


It wasn't a difficult fix, it just didn't occur to me when I wrote the stuff.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia


* meaning the next time you install Grasshopper you'd lose all your custom shortcuts.






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