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Hi all,

As the title explains. I'm in search of a way to connect Google Analytics data to a grasshopper sketch. Does any of you know a good/ not to difficult way? I'm not sure if it's possible but maybe making use of the Google Analytics API as XML could possible offer a solution? Let me know what you think.

Every information in welcome!

Thanks in advance :)


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Hi Remy

You could use Flux. We have just commenced beta testing for our C# and JavaScript SDKs. If you want a developer token please email

You can use Flux to send almost any type of data between the Grasshopper canvas and other data sources. Here is more on the Grasshopper plugin:

Sounds exciting! Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Anthony,

Thank you very much for your respons! This is indeed what I am looking for. I did some research on how Flux works.

Could you clarify a little bit more on how this connection between Google Analytics and Flux could be made? As I understand correctly, do I need to make a connection in the Data-Table with the tracking code from GA? And therefor that Key will push the data "constantly" to the grasshopper sketch?

I will email you for a developer token, yes :)

Thank you


Hi Remy

Yes thats correct. There are two parts to Flux. The first is the data table. The data table is a collection of associated data keys (equivalent to Grasshopper components) that can be accessed from any existing plugin or the Flux API via our SDKs. They can store any kind of data. The second part of Flux is the Flow, our parametric visual design interface in the browser. This allows for data manipulation and transformation between applications on the wire.

I would anticipate you run a node.js server or similar and use our JavaScript SDK to send and retrieve data from single or multiple Flux data keys with the Google API. You'll see I did something similar in this Slack chat app integration:

There is no reason you couldn't use C# either. It depends how easily that interfaces with the Google API. I used to program in C# alone but now tend towards JavaScript to for web applications. Flux can pass any data type through the data table but we do so in json format. You can easily send XML or other data as strings etc. Our plugins encode and decode the json payload to the native application locally. The SDK handles encryption between plugins and the server.

If you email explaining what you are trying to achieve you should be able to get a developer token quite soon. You will be sent links to developer documentation and examples too.

Feel free to email me at if you hit any walls.



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