algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all,


a new version of the GhPython component is now available on food4Rhino.

New features:

  • the rhinoscriptsyntax usage option
    It is now possible to use code similar to
    import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
    a = rs.AddLine((x,x,x), (y,y,y))
    This addition should have minimal negative impact on previous scripts.
  • presentation setting to release component
    It is possible to hide the code input and text output in components (also previously-written ones).

And several bugfixes, including:

  • component did not handle a locked solver properly
  • disabling a disabled component could remove the current code
  • point hint delivers Guids also in rhinoscriptsyntax mode
  • line hint delivers Guids also in rhinoscriptsyntax mode
  • arc and circle hints deliver Guids also in rhinoscriptsyntax mode
  • component code window is not lost when component is removed


  • the sample code that opens when the component is empty was fixed
  • the RhinoCommon hint was removed as it is now redundant
  • HTML text that is added to Help did not pass validation

Please comment here additional questions, suggestions or errors.
Also, please keep in mind that new options are not backwards-compatible, but previously-written components should keep on working unchanged or with very little modifications.

You can also visit the source page on GitHub and the bugtracker.


- Giulio
McNeel Europe

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Hi Giulio,


I'm using your ghpython component, and recently updated grasshopper to 0.80050.

There seems to be a problem that 'open editor' doesn't show up the context menu with all the other features.(same as double clicking it)

meaning I can't edit...


before updating grasshopper(0.80013) it was working fine.


sorry if the issue is already settled.. 

Yes, Grasshopper 0.8.50 introduced some SDK changes.

There is a new version now available here that should fix the problem.

- Giulio

McNeel Europe

Hi Giulio,


Thanks for the great tool!

Could you add an example how to handle with trees.




Hi Dimitry,


there is a link to this discussion with some tree example in the Help of the component.

I hope it helps,


- Giulio

McNeel Europe

Hi Giulio,


I’m new to GhPython and just trying to make a simple loop to copy-rotate a curve using ‘rs.rotateObject’… It didn’t work well.



import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

pt = rs.PointCoordinates(point)
curves = [curve]

for i in range(numCopy):
    newCurve = rs.RotateObject(curves[i],pt,(360/numCopy)*i,None,True)

Could you please tell me what I did wrong?


Thanks, Rizal

Hi Rizal,

yes, in certain cases the component would fail at duplicating the geometry before transforming it. It should be fixed in version


- Giulio

McNeel Europe


Thanks, Giulio. looking forward for the next version.

when it's scheduled to be released?


It should be fixed in the new version (for Grasshopper 0.8.50).


- Giulio

McNeel Europe






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