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hi there. I have problem with gh collecting data with UDP receiver component. The process is that gh sending out a message with UDP sender, esp8266 receive the message through a specific IP and Port. And then esp8266 reply that message by sending out another message. I am expecting to receive that reply message in gh and try to visualize that latter. However, gh just won't receive. I tried Packet Sender to do the same thing. It works fine. 

I opened all the ports on my PC and turned down the firewall as well. Anyone have the same problem before? Can anyone help?

Thank you!!!

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Are you listening in GH on the same port as you are sending from the esp? Packet sender says it is 50122.


Thank you for responding. Based on my understand, as long as the port set from esp8266 and gHowl are the same, we should receive the message. From the result image, it said that "received 9 bytes from, port 53385". Should I use that port number to reply to? However, that port number changed every time. 


And I tried Processing UDP receiving script, it worked. I guess it is not the problem with the port. Do you think it is the problem with some setting of GH?

Thank you for your help







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