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Hey everyone,

i want to automate the input from some pictures, run them thou imagesampler to get the RGB values as output.

first i want to sort the Pictures.jpg and rename them. would use, but get a syntaxerror in GH Python. 

anyone can give me a hint?


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Can you post some screenshots of your definition, any relevant code, the specific error you're getting? Hard to help without specifics to dig into..

Hey Matthew,

for the sorting i want to use GH Python, but i would do something else as well.

Basicly the input is something like:

C:\User\Folder with alot Photos

which goes into the GH Python nod.

What i want to do is something like this:

Sort Photos (rename %Y_%m_%d_%f)

then send them to the imagesampler and excelwrite (imagesampler and write excel i already did and its working with single input (path). im kind new to python. seems like it should be quite easy, but im lost.






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