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Hi all,

ok i don't know if my brain has gone into complete lockdown state or whats wrong with my, but i haven't got the faintest idea of how to create a geodesic dome in rhino and bring it into grasshopper or create it from scratch in grasshopper.

I need a sphere with points divided equally over its surface. Until now i've used a parametrization of the sphere but it just dawned on me that the points aren't equally distributed on the surface..

I'm leaning towards creating it in 3dsmax and exporting the vertices of it, and importing them in Grasshopper, but then i have no way of adjusting the number of points on the surface.

What to do? :)

Kind regards


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Hi Jon and anyone who can help..!

I have a script on GeodesicSphere, and the script allows me to change the
diameter of the sphere but I need to make adjustment to 2 other factors:-

i) to change the number of pentagons + hexagons
ii) to change the size of the pentagons + hexagons

Do you have the script above as you've shown here that allows for (i) & (ii) within the script ? NEED HELP! demonstrates the options available in the routine for creating geodesic domes (albeit in Rhino, you can do the same in Grasshopper). You can see the inputs above for the frequency (size ratio for panels to sphere diameter) and there are ICOSAHEDRON, OCTAHEDRON and TETRAHEDRON based geodesic domes, as well as options to generate bucky balls or not.

The plug-in is free for students, and a free month to evaluate for commercial firms. You can download from, when installed run sdrZZLicenseRequest and follow the prompts.


Thanks so much for the links Jon, will need your advice again if i get stuck at some point. Thanks much!

Hi Jon,

It doesn't prompt me to run sdrZZLicenseRequest during installation...
I've the grasshopper script with structdrawrhino plugin now and i can see the diagram you've posted on March 8, 2010 at 7:44am....but i am not able to see any drawing of the rhino file you've posted on your blog..file: ''Rhino Model with Profile Property Table''.....i cannot see any drawing of icosehedron from the script basically, please advice & help..thanks alot!

Hi Ag,

Translate (or adjust for 64 bit windows) as needed.

C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins\SSI\ssiStructDrawRhino.rhp drag and drop this file over Rhino while it is running. You should then see a new toolbar. sdrZZLicenseRequest is a Rhino command to run.

If you don't see GeomGym menu and components in Grasshopper, go back to Rhino and run rhino command GrasshopperDeveloperSettings and untick COFF loading. Restart Rhino.

Let me know if you hit a road block or need clarification.


Thanks Jon, I've a problem...I do not have the latest rhino 4.0 service release, so it prompted that ssiStructDrawRhino.rhp only runs on rhino 4.0 service release....and i'm using rhino you have the exe. file for rhino 4.0 service release? that might helps.

Hi Jon,

I am not prompted to run sdrZZLicenseRequest during installation. I can see the script diagram now, the same diagram you've posted on March 8, 2010 at 7:44am. But I'm not able to open the rhino file which you've posted on your blog;''Rhino Model with Profile Property Table''.....i can't open this file in relation with the i am now not sure how to go about generating the dome/hexagon/sphere...can you further advise? thanks much!
Ok, if you don't have latest service release of rhino, you also must not be running the latest release of grasshopper. can get you the latest service release.

Otherwise you'll see there are two installers for structDrawRhino, the older one ends with 0.6.0059 which works with earlier Rhino service release and Grasshopper 0.6.0059. You'll have to uninstall the plug-in from control panel, the installer won't roll it back.



Hi Jon and all others who could help me,
I am working on this hexagonal geodesic dome structure. The polygone lines do not actually form planes: 
-> Is there any way of having this hexagonal dome made of planar polygones?
and can we then "bake" this geometry and obtain closed polygones lines (and not exploded lines)?

Best Regards too you all,


could you plz upgrate the script file?

Hi Punkhead and Agnes,

sorry for taking so long...

Attached is the definition with the geodesic script for free-form surfaces.
It s a relatively old definition but it should work.

Hi Arthur,

When trying to run the definition (GH 0.8.0001, Rhino 4.0 SR8) I get the IO error message "An entry with the same key already exists" and it does not load (empty screen). Is the definition running on older versions of GH only?







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