algorithmic modeling for Rhino

This provides a cleaned up (no duplicates), sorted list of components for a dodecahedron based geodesic dome. At the bottom, you'll find most of the basic geometry you could want. We have: triangle center points, vertices, members, and (the most novel) best fit paneled rings.

It was inspired by a need for best fitting similar sized rings on a sphere. Most of the rings are ovals because it was important to me that all rings connected to it's neighboring rings. There are a few circles and some polylines to fill in the gaps. To keep each polyline ring planar, as the ovals are, they geometrically couldn't join all of it's neighboring rings; so you'll see them floating slightly. If you want all rings on a spherical surface, just project them using Pull Curve To Surface command in Rhino.

Due to my need for the paneled rings, this is a pretty big definition. Additional organization went into minimizing the creation of duplicate entities. The output is provided with no duplicates. Processing can be a bit slow for higher subdivisions.

There is one component dependency. I have yet to find a better way to eliminate duplicate lines than by using the component from Kangaroo. So for this you'll have to have Kangaroo installed. (If you have a GH or VB definition that is as effective and efficient for the elimination of duplicate lines, please make me aware of it.) I would also be glad to discover other efforts to panel similar sized rings or circles on a sphere or other compound curved surfaces.



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Wow! Incredible! You are my hero! Thanks, I'll explore this design ...

is there a way to apply this to a surface, i am looking to apply a grid on to a surface with the same lenght for each member ... 

Just project the curves onto a sphere. If you want to apply a similar idea to a non spherical surface, there are other paneling options out there for you.

hey, nice tool!
anyway to increase the subdivion level? for panelling of larger structures for example







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