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i'm trying to learn the basic of galapagos, and i have made a simple example in which i'm looking for avoid interferences between objects and maximize the length of those breps.
The setup is evidently wrong, and all that i have achieved is that the objects does not collide, but not maximizing of its length.
Is it possible to use galapagos for this situation or is not the tool for that? Octopus plugin maybe?

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See image. Hope this helps!

Thanks Nick,

I can understand the idea, but the final result still almost the same.

Have you modified some parameter in the galapagos component ? Did you leave the default parameters?

Thank you


Make sure you set the fitness to maximize in Galapagos.

I've also added an extra component to avoid errors in the fitness process.

See attached file.



thank you very much, now it works fine!

You have added an addition component that takes the number from the dispatch and add 0. This is a little esoteric for me. What is the difference for the solver to put this extra operation or not? Is this for avoid nulls ?


It's to make sure there is always a value coming out of the dispatch. When no value is generated, Galapagos tends to react in weird ways.

Hence, the default value when no data is dispatched is 0. (Which is theory is also the smallest your length can be)






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