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Hello everybody,

I'm trying to use Galapagos in order to achieve a desired value of the daylight factor in an existing room modifying the reflectance of the materials, the shading devices operation and the lighting power installed. 

At first I've tried to modify the reflectance values, but when I run Galapagos it does not record anything and it continuously starts new simulations. The sliders seem to move correctly, but in Galapagos nothing appears. Could someone explain me why it behaves in this way?  

I've attached the file that I'm using.

Thank you in advance.

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hello, Chiara 

I am having same problem that i am unable to find solution for this .. that how can i achieve 500 lux daylight on office floor by using combination of openings of windows.   I know that i ll have to use honeybee and ladybug for daylight analysis and galapagos to achieve the combination of window opening but i am unable to use components so please if you cracked solution for this can you please share it with me, as you have posted this problem almost a year ago??






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