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Hi guys,

I am trying to generate a complex roof system, but to simplify it, it will be useful to ask this question. I basically want to generate a surface from a set of points, then mesh this surface, then use Kangaroo to put loads on the inside points and anchor the edge points (ones at the corners), then be able to move the edge points up and down. When I do move the edge points on the Z axis (up and down), the generated surface fails. Can someone help me with that?


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Hi Omar,

It's not clear to me what the aim is here.

Can you internalise all the inputs in your definition?

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your reply. 

Imagine having a rectangular surface that is meshed, and is deformed (using kangaroo) into a shell shape (for instance). Imagining that this shape is anchored at 4 corners (of the rectangular surface), all at the same Z-axis level, forming a shell shape. Basically what i want to do, is be able to move one of the corners up and down, whilst keeping the surface. With the existing script when i move on of the points up and down, it fails to generate the surface from the points. 

Please find the script internalised attached. 



Are you looking for something like the attachment?


Brilliant! Thanks alot





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