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hi all,

I have written a simple script (in VB) that solves a formula for its zero points. it works ok, but I want to feed the formula into the component like into the "function evaluate"-component.

is there any chance to do this?

perhaps its easier to make this in python, but I don't get the python code working.

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Hi Laurenz,

You can use the eval function to evaluate the string (that's the equation you have) as if it was regular python expression.

So why don't you create a string input and feed in the expression?


David Rutten

Hi Djordje,

thank You very much for introducing me into the magic of eval(). It was exactly what I was looking for! Now it works for my needs.

One drawback: the eval()-function seems to slow down the whole thing significantly (hard-coded the component took 78ms, with eval() it took 3.5s !)


Yes, looks like eval function can be slow.

Still, I tried using the equation string directly (assigning it to a variable inside of ghpython component), not importing it from outside. And it lowered the computation time to 100ms.

You can speed up eval() by using lambdas

f = eval('lambda x: ' + expressionString)

and call the function like


thank You both, now it works at reasonable speed. I think what causes the delay was the position of the "eval"-command, so every time the function was called, the "eval" translated the input one more time.






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