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Hello All,

I am currently trying to achieve something like this:

With the difference that the obstacles can have other shapes too. Lets limit it out to rectangles and circles, because even circles are giving me a hard time.

I found on this thread of 2011 from which I took the image, now we have new tools so I decided to try them but the result is not okay.

This would be the expected. (rough fast sketch, imagine uniformity in lines).

Result so far with attractors (as you can see, for some reason, the lines don't avoid the obstacles)

Thanks for any insight or help,


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Hello~the topic is very interesting!I think there might be several problems as follows.

1.Your Force is too strong so that the field is not what we want.

Use the FTensor(keyword ‘FT’) to check field.

2. It will be wrong if lines go through inside of the circles and obstacles.

You can replace circles and obstacles with points and lines.

3. Take the Distances into consideration.


And finally...

Thank you for your time and reply, that looks much better, I will try it out.

A hysteria of mine: would it be possible for the curves to take the shape of the obstacle more strictly? As shown in my sketch. Right now the differnece between circle and rectangle effect is not distinguishable.

Oh I see, I think it might be better use 'curve offset' rather than 'force field' to do this.

Could you divide your lines with points and use PullToCurve component then draw curves through the points?
I can't remember if PullToCurve let's you pull towards rather than onto a curve.






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