algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello !!

I am currently trying to play with reflections.
It is rather easy to get the reflection of a vector knowing its mirror position and orientation. It can be used using 'mirror' for instance.

But I have difficulties to get the 3d re-orientation of a plane (mirror) knowing both its incident and consequent reflected vector.

I can only orient the mirror for two dimensions at a time. The orientation in one plane changes adjustments made in another plane.

It is basic linear algebra (matrixes) or I should probably use quaternions. I do not know what to use and how to do it.

If someone has an idea where to start I would be very happy. Very happy ;)

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Hi Olivier, see the attached, by using the mean vector to define the plane.


How about this


Ohh ! So simple... Thank you very much !






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