algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Can anyone advise me how I can find furthest points within curve? I can imagine that I need to iterate so that every single point is checking distance from each other. Thank you in advance.



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Hi kwanphil!

check the attached files out and hopefully its what you want.. you get the max distance and the 2 points while being able to control the resolution.. a bit fast and messy but have a look

btw Im moving back to London in july so lets catch up!

Let me know if it works


Long time no see. Thanks for the reply. Please give me a shout when you are in London. I guess this is close enough but what I wanted is finding absolute point that are furthest from each other rather than finding from division point. I was thinking of using evaluate point component. point between [0-1]domain, meaning all points can be measured in distance. perhaps it is too much.Thanks. 






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