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I am having a problem with filleting, more specifically, how to trim fillets in grasshopper. 


What I'm trying to do is isolate the resulting curvature from the fillet of a curve as one individual curve, but whenever I select the fillet, it shows the full polyline that was filleted instead of the segment of the fillet itself. 

I was able to isolate the points I wanted, which would be the "trim points," by intersecting each fillet curve to one another. The resulting intersection points from the filleted curves show where the trim points of the segments of curvature from the fillets would be. 


Is there any way to trim curves in grasshopper via points or intersections, or, is there any way to have the fillet curvature segment be isolated?  I found the "shatter" command, but I can't seem to figure out how to get it to work and control how I could break up my curve. 


Attached is the definition of what I've been doing, along with an image of a screenshot showing what is actually selected when I only intend to select a "fillet." 



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Nice (rounded) tip. Thanks.






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