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Hi guys, 

I'm currently designing a bug house and I am having difficulty in designing the joint system to use in order to successfully fabricate the structure. The enclosed file is what the model looks like and the following image is the joint system I am trying to achieve. If y'all could please guide me as to how I could figure it out on grasshopper, that would be great. 

Jessica Rosenkrantz from Nervous Systems.:

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Maybe you can have a look at this.

Thanks for your reply however I would prefer to keep my initial geometry and implement the joint system from the above image.

Would value more suggestions :)

Very interesting topicthe final results are the requirements? as the picture shows?

not exactly a requirement but yes, that's the idea. 






I can think of a few ways to do it. Which way would depend on what you've got so far. Rough steps could be:

Find the mid point of every edge > Create a Perpendicular Frame at that point > Draw the shape you want for the joint biscuit and give as it's base plane input the perpendicular frames you've created > Do a Solid Difference with the biscuits and the panels to make a hole > Bake the Panels and Biscuits






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