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Fabricating 3D Delaunay structure with joints in MDF

Hi all,

I am trying to fabricate a 3D Delaunay surface with MDF and slot joints. However, I have not the slightest clue how to add in the joints. I attach here the GHX file with the wire mesh and the type of joints I am referring to. This image is sourced from here:


Look forward to your response. Cheers!




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That's an artifact of the way the notch is generated.  It also means that the notch in the panel is concave to the outer radius of the disc.  This may be an issue if you try to cnc the parts. The panels should be ok if cut to the profile curve as the profile shows the square edge of the notch.  The fit up will be off a little if these arcs in the discs are present.  The cumulative error could get nasty if there are many panels to connect.  The definition will require some more consideration to square these edges.  Thanks for pointing this out.





Hi Kent,

Here's the corrected notching.  Notch depth is based on the value of the panel separation slider.  Perhaps this still needs to be tweaked depending on final use.




Hi Chris,

The notches looks great now, however I noticed that there is an extra notch on every outer edge, can this be removed?








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