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Hello all, I really find this forum very beneficial in learning Grasshopper. Great effort guys! Looking forward for your help :)

I'm working on my Graduation Thesis and have built a 3D model of Al Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan, from existing SP lines of the caravan masses..

Here are the extruded masses "all are 2.5 m standard prefab clusters of caravan structures". I Successfully baked and finished the entire region. I have all masses, landplots and streets layered and arranged and as closed 2D curve polylines.

And here are the topography contour lines, leveled to their corresponding heights. But elevated here over the land for displaying purposes.

-What I am trying to do is to build a topography surface from the contours, and fit place the masses over it extruded by their standardized heights, with finished flat cap ends.

How is that possible? Can Anyone please help me?

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Here is View of the masses extruded on a flat surface, and attached is link to the Rhino file with only the contour lines and example masses layers and curves.

Below is a realistic aerial photograph of the camp.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Camp Topography Rhino File | Google Drive Downloadable Link


Hi Zeid,

So glad that you have work it out~! I am a graduate student major in urban design and I have been working on a competition in the same camp. Although I have lots of statistics and 2D maps, a rhino model would be so helpful for our proposal! The building information in openstreetmap is not complete (actually only including public amenities). Would you mind telling me how do you manage to get those info? And if possible, is it possible for you to share the rhino file with us. It is only for the competition about a marketplace in camp. Also, I would love to discuss with you about the condition on Jordan's camp since we do not have the chance to visit there. Thank you!


Excuse my delay, I have just seen your message, here are my contact infos:; you can also add me on skype on zaidoon0991

I would gladly assist you and discuss with you any information regarding the camp and my projekt. I have accumulated plenty of data, did a lot a fieldworks and generated a lot of my own. 

Let's talk!

Zeid :)






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