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I have one question that is it possible to export the grasshopper landscape in zoom levels smaller then 100%.

To show what I'm up to is a way to express the grasshopper project via google map api. It seems that it's easy to remap the images in to the depending zoom level. and thought that it will be effective for presentation.


I know that to do this simple just print screen meets my desires but if the file gets enormously big it's kind hard gluing it in 15%-50% zoom levels. (and without a way to configure the background color or the level of detail) Which I need a gradation of exported images in different zoom levels.


from the dialog that shows up in 'export hi-res image' the slider has a limit in zoom=1.0.

can this be changed to 0.1 or 0.05?


Or, may be one more solution will be a chance to export the file to a vector image(like ps, pdf or ai).


anything will help.


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Try the attached. You'll have to manually remove the actual script object from the image afterwards.



David Rutten

Leusden, Holland


thank you again! David.

I'm sure that I can show some results!







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