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I am going to do some programming with meshes and need evenly tessellated surfaces.

With grasshopper I created a quad division of two surfaces. Now I want to export them as a mesh file, preferably OBJ, keeping the exact vertices of the generated mesh in Grasshopper. Rhinoceros automatically retriangulates all meshes when exporting and my question is: Is there a way to circumvent that and export the mesh with the faces exactly as created?


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I'm not sure but I think STL and OBJ must be triangular meshes. STL certainly has to be triangular mesh faces.

Do you have an example of an OBJ mesh that is quad?

It is an advantage of the OBJ format over STL that you can define multiple vertices per face.

In the end I will use collada (DAE) because it allows for storing vertex color data as well.

So ideally I am looking to build a code that outputs an OBJ file directly from mesh faces in Grasshopper.

I created now a definition that outputs obj files but am still looking to export the obj as a quad mesh. If anyone has an idea please share!






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