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Hi guys!

I'm trying to export a Hi-Image from a GH file but it does not work because the file is really heavy. Does somebody know how to export it by parts?


If not, I think I ought to export it erasing some blocks and then join them on Photoshop...


Any idea?


Thanks in advance!!


Those are some of the errors


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I'm not seriously considering this at present. At the moment all the drawing is pixel-based and if I require all objects to also supply a vector-based mode it would double an already significant task for any custom object developer.


There's two options that make some sense to me:

  1. Write a hack that only handles Components, Parameters and Wires. Doing all the other objects like sliders, panels, param viewers, gradients and and and would be an incredible amount of work.
  2. Export each object as a hi-res pixel image and put those images into a vector based file. This should also drastically reduce file size as all the empty space between objects will no longer have to be stored in memory.

But even these are definitely well below fixing clusters, finishing all the options pages, adding loop logic objects, rewriting the help mechanism from scratch and I'm sure I can think of several more worthy projects.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia






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