algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I want to achieve the effect of a sphere expanding outwards, as if the death star didn't completely obliterate a planet, but instead just chunked it up into giant pieces, or effectively disabling a planet's gravity.

Here is what I have so far. What I want to be able to do is to determine with a number the length each piece travels from its original position. I also want each chuck to remain on its respective vector. What seems to be happening is some chunks get translated/moved along a vector that is not theirs. 

Let me know if you can help!

Thanks in advance, Eric.

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Hi Eric,

You should take centroid of intersect geometries for tip point input in vector 2pt,

use Amplitude component to set a specific length of vector, or multiplication component to multiply the vector length

Great!! This fixes my first question, so very many thanks for that Yasser! But the issue still remains that each chunk doesn't travel outward along the vector that their centroid created. Some chunks get assigned to vectors created by other chunks, so they don't travel perpendicular from the centroid, but rather in a direction that isn't what I want. I want a radial explosion, if you will :) Do you know I would do this? I think it would have something to do with lists or something but that's an area I'm still working on learning. Let me know! thx

A classic mismatch of apples (wrong n of solids) with apples (n or vectors) that one 


And the trad update with more object(*) options (and the Order/Chaos vector choice). What's not to like?

(*) as everybody knows planet Zorg is cylindrical.

PS: You can use Anemone to "animate" the whole thing (or better some C# code)

best, Chaos


Wow, man, this is beautiful!! haha thanks so much! this is amazing. probably the most clever gh definition I've ever found. i'm glad you share my affinity for exploding planets. there's no greater thrill.

Here's a gif I made of the original definition I posted on here. I literally just rendered 10 different amplitudes, it took like 15 minutes. I'll see if I can tackle anemone since I have not used it before.

thanks for the help, peter/chaos

To tell you the truth exploding planets is my soft spot. Why may you ask? Well ... here's my avatar in greater detail (modeled in Microstation some decades ago).

Anyway ... here's the trad update (of the update). Added some weird things (they are NOT clusters, he he) that do weird things. The old move component is retained in case that you are out of cigars/espresso/Vodka.

May the Force (the dark option) be with us.

best, Lord Of Darkness.


This is great!! Your avatar is awesome. haha, again this definition is so clever. love it.

some questions: I'm not well versed at C# at all, but I can see what it's doing, I think. So turning true both the animation and the toggle for whether or not it's exploded, creates a moving animation of the planet exploding outward. Is there a way to bake each successive explosion as groups so that I can more easy organize them? 

Thanks Lord of Darkness/Chaos/Peter. The force is definitely with you

Well ... in fact you are asking the following:

1. Create a master Layer named, say, "anim_sequence_y"

2. For each step create a child Layer named, say, "step_x" with some attributes like color etc.

3. Bake the Breps (see brepList in C#) into that "step_x" thingy.

Of course this is doable.Time for the V4 (update of the update of the update).

best, KPOD (the Known Prince Of Darkness)

Oh, yes that makes sense (I think!) but it doesn't take that long to do it manually either. Sometimes working out a definition takes longer than just doing it manually, ha. 

Again thanks, KPOD (the Known Prince of Darkness)/Lord of Darkness/Chaos/Peter.

Now off to explode Planets,


Spend 17,89 minutes more on that one. It's almost ready ... except that there's a management thing remaining: this "bake to the proper sublayer" thingy should being controlled by events raised by the myriad of sliders that create some x solution.

In plain English: if the x slider changes ... then ... ask the manager: should this be a new sequel? delete the old baked set? use the same sublayres? blah blah.

It's not nuclear science but is the bureaucratic aspect of code that I hate the most.

best, Ernst Stavro Blofeld  

Thanks for the work, Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Dr. Evil), KPOD (the Known Prince of Darkness)/Lord of Darkness/Chaos/Peter. Was there supposed to be a definition attached to that last one? Cheers

No that was a tech preview of the forthcoming V4 ( Fotiadis ACME Industries customer care department is very sensitive in delivering code that works(*) in all situations(*) and for all Planets).

(*) if you buy this you can buy anything.

In the mean time think: anyone can explode a Planet ... but how many can explode a Planet turned into a pasta? That's the ultimate massacre challenge: get that very old (I don't use components these days) HastaLaPastaBaby static class (inherited from the HastaLaVistaBaby namespace) and try to do it (Load Rhino file first).

more soon, KPOD







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