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I am having trouble with exoskeleton. 

It was working fine on a wireframe extracted from a mesh but now i am trying to make my own with rhino lines/curves and it is not creating nodes simply intercepting pipes

I have attached a screen shot

I have tried playing with sliders on each of the setting but it doesn't want to play ball

any help would be appreciated! I cant seem to find anyone else thats had this problem 

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oh and the S value is 8

Ok so i have since figured out that it does not recognize where one line joins to another as a node - simply when two end points meet

The example above is just a trial but my real version is more complex curves that will become very difficult to cut at each point, is there anyway for grasshopper to recognize these interceptions as nodes too?


In this case, this should works, but I'm not sure this gonna work in more complex curve intersection case as well.

You'd better split all curves at every intersection points in Rhino or GH.

My Exoskeleton component is newer than yours, I guess.


Hi Kim:

Mine is older as well, It does not attach itself automatically, I have to drag and connect it manually each time. Where did you find the newer one?


You can download the most recent version from here.

Hello Hyungsoo. I`m not sure about which version your Exo component might be. I downloaded Exoskeleton from the link you indicated but they appear different as you can see in the image posted above. I would examine your version of the component but it does not load and is stripped out of the definition. Thanks for what ever help you can offer.








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