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Evolutionary analysis using Galapagos to find Optimum Locations inside museums

I would like to know using Galapagos how to make it choose an optimum configuration of a constant outline and choosing a space with a fitness function of maximum visibility to a set of exhibits in each zone knowing that each zone has a limited set of probabilities as some barriers can be added or subtracted ..

I wonder if anyone can help with the approach, as to what should the fitness function and variables be ?

the script attached uses Isovist to determine visibility of the exhibits, but I can't find a way to connect it to galapagos to make it find the optimum location..

Thanks in advance!!

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Had to read through the question a few times and I'm still not sure if I understood what you want.

If it's the point on a predefined path with max visibility that you're after, then the isovist polyline area is your fitness (which you want to maximize with galapagos), and point position on a curve is your genome. 

Check out a rough example attached.


thanks alot, I can pick it up from here, I have reached smth similar before but I'm trying to identify which exhibit is viewed the most or how to identify the best location to put important exhibits in.






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