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Evenly Distribute Any Number of Points in a Box

So this may be a simple question or maybe a very complicated one...but I would like to populate a box with 'x' number of points but have them evenly distributed inside the box (maximum distance from each point). All the components I've seen so far only allow for a Random population of points.

My end goal is to have a Box 255 x 255 x 255 (representing the 3d color spectrum) and if I need 13 colors I'd insert 13 points as far from each other as possible and there pt coordinates become the rgb values for my colors. The idea is to have the colors be as far apart as possible for visual clarity in my analysis.

Any help would be great, thanks!

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Populate 3d actually does this to a certain extent. If you compare its results to just generating random values for X,Y, and Z, you'll see it does its best to maintain a minimum separation between points. I frequently use populate3D as you're describing, to generate colors that are far from one another. You may also be interested to try this with a different color space like HSL - you could scale your box by the relative importance of each channel and map back in order to privilege hue difference or saturation difference, for instance. 

Andrew, thanks for the reply I feel better knowing I'm not the only one trying to achieve a better color selection method! I'll have to give your suggestions of HSL and scaling the box a try I hadn't given them much thought, both great ideas!

Thanks again






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