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Evaluate Point on Mesh for Toolpath question

I am trying to create toolpaths for a ball nose end mill.

I have a basic strategy, but I am stumbling on an early step.

The location of my points seems to change when they go through the MeshEval component.

Most likely that I do not understand how this component is intended to work... but I haven't had any luck looking into this scenario on this forum.

In the example provided, the number 6 pt is the first to "move" to another spot. The normals that are given remain correct for the desired points.

Any insight greatly appreciated.


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Well... I guess just using the points "upstream" from the MeshCP component gives me what I need... but I would like to understand the change in location of this one point... as I don't know why it changes.

So this is far from urgent now, but I would like to get schooled on the Evaluate Mesh component.


i am experiencing the same effect. after mesh cp correctly places the point on the mesh the mesh eval component seem to bug around....






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